All About the SuperEnaLotto Italian Lottery Game

History and general information

This lottery game was created in 1950 - then it was still simply called Enalotto and had rules that were somewhat different from the SuperEnalotto that we have come to know today. The game existed in the "Enalotto" form until 1997, until the organization SISAL held its reformation: it was then, on December 3, that the first draw in the new format took place.

Over time, the lottery gained momentum and grew into a game with the some of the biggest jackpot records s in the world!

From 1997 to 2009, the game had amazing rules: it did not determine the winning numbers on its own, but used as a winning combination a number of prize numbers from the lottery Lottomatica. The latter was held simultaneously in different cities. So, the initial number of the combination SuperEnaLotto was the first winning number, drawn in Bari, the second in Florence, the third in Milan, the fourth in Naples, the fifth in Palermo and the sixth in Rome. An additional ball named "Jolly number" was determined in Venice.

If suddenly in the next city the same number as in one of the previous ones was drawn, the second ball drawn here was taken into account.

This method presupposed a meager probability of the case when the two cities had exactly the same prize number, so the combination of SuperEnaLotto would have two identical numbers. And that would mean the total impossibility of winning the jackpot!

Fortunately, this never happened.

After 2009, another ball was added to the draw - "Super Star". It was chosen in a separate draw, so the number could coincide with one of the balls of the winning combination. Those who guessed only 1-2 numbers + correctly guessed the "Super Star" became winners of a 4-5 level prize. And for those who guessed more numbers + the "Super Star" the prize is raised too.

Rules of the game

The player needs to guess 6 numbers out of 90. If he guesses only 5 of them, but at the same time he indicates the correct number of the Jolly number, he also gets a very large prize.

Any non-winning jackpot draw is transferred to the next draw - and so it can continue indefinitely, since there is no limit to the accumulation of the main prize. And this seriously increases the intrigue!

Draws are held three times a week: on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This is a good frequency - in fact, usually large lotteries have no more than two drawings in seven days. The hour of the draw is 20:00 local time, but the bets are closed half an hour before that.

The chances of winning and the size of the prizes

In this lottery there are 5 different prize categories. However, the prize fund of the game is less than 35% - the rest is transferred to the needs of the state. Thanks to this, the Italian economy is very well supported by players' wallets.

The size of the jackpot in this lottery is "floating", it varies from one draw to another and directly depends on the number of tickets sold.

The odds of winning prizes in the SuperEnaLotto are good (in comparison with other lotteries).